Collective Work from The Island School Community

Welcome to Tides!

A semester program is inherently transient: our community members are perpetually journeying. At the same time, our nomadic characters make permanent impacts.

This publication is a celebration of those impacts. In each edition, we collect work from throughout our village, striving to capture its uniquely creative spirit. By exhibiting our diverse perspectives, interests, and abilities, we hope that this publication serves as a testament to our strength and energy.

We publish a new edition each semester, calling for submissions from throughout the team. You will find the most recent edition in the header above.

As a young community that cherishes its heritage and traditions, we honor our work from the past alongside the most current edition. You can find archived editions in the same header.

Looking for something specific? Use the search bar below to find any particular work.

Looking to submit? Please email rikkawommack@islandschool.org. 

We accept submissions of all types, from community members here on the Cape, and from our journeying family around the world. We encourage alums, parents, visitors, and all of those inspired by this place to leave their mark.